green watch winders

Automatic watches, sometimes known as self-winding, have many features that set them apart. First, they are classy and stylish and are often regarded as a status symbol of the highest order. Moreover, they are imminently practical, giving you a way to keep track of the time that does not require the use of batteries. Finally, and perhaps most compelling to lovers of the environment, automatic timepieces are the green alternative to a standard, battery-operated quartz watch.

The story of these timepieces does not go back as far in history as you might think. In 1923, James Harwood invented a swinging weight device called a rotor which rotates with the normal movement of the wearer’s body. When combined with a ratcheting mechanism, the rotor keeps the winding mechanism going in a uniform direction and ensures that it remains wound. However, the watch will run down and stop within a matter of a day or two, depending on the length of the mainspring, if it does not remain in motion.

For that reason, most connoisseurs of fine timepieces purchase an automatic watch winder. In simple terms, this is a jewelry box equipped with a specially calibrated motor into which you insert your watch. The watch winder can be programmed to match the winding specifications of all of the major automatic watch brands by simulating the clockwise and counter-clockwise motions normally made in the course of the day by a human wearer. These winders perform other functions as well. Beautiful and elegant, most are hand-crafted out of fine wood and leather. All provide a secure storage nest for your watch, and many also have space for your other fine jewelry as well.

Since the invention of the automatic timepiece nearly a century ago, discerning collectors and jewelry aficionados have been falling in love with them. Because many of the luxury models are crafted by artisans and master watch-makers, these items carry a prestige and status that cannot be matched by most quartz watches. In addition, automatic watches can be considered to be much more environmentally friendly. After all, they do not require the use of batteries that will eventually be depleted and will need to be disposed of safely. Unfortunately, our landfills are brimming with improperly discarded batteries, whose contents can then leach into and pollute our rivers and streams.

You may have bought your automatic timepiece because it is elegant and beautiful. Or perhaps you love it because it is an eco-friendly alternative to its battery-operated counterparts. Whatever the reason, you have a timepiece that is sure to give you years of beauty and pleasure.